I'm Doris and I like to find logical and adjustable solutions to issues, just as a normal way of reacting to the world around me. Being that said, a design proposal is a solution to a specific problem and it will depend on how we see the problem, how we see it solved together with the process to find that solution. In other words understanding is a big step of the solution and a great asset.

By having some process management experience I would say I am good keeping things organized, on schedule, and following the path they should until they are completely finished. Also I like to find tasks in a process and transform them into patterns in order to improve the process itself. I can implement these kind of inclination and experience in the creative field as well, together with my designing skills, attention to detail and integrate them under the UI/UX design, Web Design, Branding, Creative Direction fields.

I firmly think that less is better, which is something that is not always easy to make it work, but it also can be beautifully achieved.